HEROES. Heroes are embedded in the world’s soul, integral to every cultural fabric. They dominate our legends from the men and women of history to the denizens of our literary worlds. The stories we tell each other begin and end with heroes. RBF presents HEROES. It’s the summation of our mission statement: the pursuit of true heroism to be shared across the globe with today's readers and tomorrow's leaders. RBF promotes HEROES. From sword & sorcery to epic fantasy to historical adventure and swashbucklers, on to advice, memoirs and other nonfiction, RBF updates the iconic heroic characters and ideals of yesteryear for today’s yearning readers. RBF wants to put HEROES into your hands and the hands of people around the world...and with your support we will. RBF's publishing activities deliver on our purpose to put heroics into print and into any readers' hands and hearts. RBF's efforts, energies, and expenditures are all designed to achieve its vision of a global appreciation of heroic literature and the universal embrace of the heroic ideals. RBF is organized exclusively for charitable and literary purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Change the world -- help Rogue Blades Foundation put the Heroics in Reading!

Rogue Blades Foundation (RBF) is about


An increase in global appreciation of heroic literature.

An embrace of the heroic good through the written word.

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~ We PUT THE Heroics in reading ~

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RBF, in proactive partnership with authors, artists, and other creators, and in cooperation with other originators and proponents of heroic examination, commits to pursue, publish, promote, and perpetuate high quality heroic literature through a mix of popular, scholarly, and literary works. RBF will pursue the return of true heroism to be shared across the globe with today's readers and tomorrow's leaders.


RBF shares core values of quality, consistency, diversity, integrity, responsibility, transparency, accountability, and loyalty with its supporters.

  • To reliably produce products that are exemplary, appreciative and inspiring of the heroic form in all cultures, nationalities, eras, and genders
    • Through fiction in short form compilations, such as anthologies and collections
    • Through nonfiction, such as scholarly primers and biographies
  • To loyally be transparent and communicative with our customers, authors, artists, volunteers, and supporters
  • To consistently seek out and recognize the talent and the ability to share heroic ideals through literature
  • To be persistently cognizant of the importance of the literary pursuit and preservation of heroics
  • To acknowledge the importance of heroism in leadership beginning with our youth and reaching across the globe and into our future--encouraging through heroic example to all our readers and leaders
  • To regularly create memorable and/or recognizable works of quality consistent with our mission
  • To steadily possess a recognized expertise on quality heroic literature