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Become a Companion of RBF today and make certain we deliver on our purpose to put heroics into print and in readers' hands and hearts. RBF can only accomplish this vision and our mission through the generosity and encouragement of our supporters—the banding together through membership of like-minded friends. Identify with a cause and join us in promoting heroics around the globe!


Four levels of membership are offered below. Initiation is simple, no gauntlets or pranks, just an exchange of valuables that proclaim the unyielding encouragement and rousing support of these stalwart souls, without whom we would assuredly falter in procuring our heroic goals. Everyone who joins RBF's cause will be listed among our members (unless specifically requested not to be acknowledged). Each entity displayed below identifies a person or organization whose support has brought good cheer and catapulted RBF forward in its quest.


RBF is organized exclusively for charitable and literary purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, our ID#84-3489417. The full amount of your membership, including fees, is tax-deductible in the U.S., though members should consult with their own tax advisers.

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Strong, steadfast, and solid, the boots-on-the-ground and in-the-trenches members who carry RBF ahead.


  • US$24/year - Annual Membership
  • entitles member to one (1) free ebook in that year


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Influential and engergetic, these members are proud to be seen as RBF supporters and aren't shy of telling the world.


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Epic warriors, these members whole-heartedly embrace RBF's vision and goals and step into the gap to prove it. 

  • US$500.00 - Life Membership
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