Heroes: They're what we do.


If you feel that same call, welcome aboard! Beside spreading the good news of what RBF is all about and buying the awesome titles we publish, here are two more ways you can share your love for all that is Rogue Blades Foundation—the not-for-profit literary publisher and presenter exploring the heroic. Help RBF showcase heroic ideals like integrity, loyalty, courage, steadfastness, compassion, authenticity and love through heroes we all can look up to, aspire toward, and share.

Yes, I want to support Rogue Blades Foundation!

Donate money. Your encouragement, your talking us up, your purchases, your volunteering—all of it matters and we couldn't survive without it . . . but it's the finances that make the difference. RBF cannot do what it wants, cannot help people in the ways it wishes, without your monetary gifts. Please consider making a change—visit our donations page and find the best way for you to support our efforts. Every dollar truly counts.

Be part of something. Yes, it requires a little bit of money (see above—we can use it!), but more important, it identifies you with a cause. Labels matter, and so does feeling satisfied. Be proud, wave high the RBF heroic banner, let people know you too believe in heroes and spreading heroics around the world. Every member makes a difference—we promise.